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Saving Journalism’s Soul with a HRDCVR

  If you’ve spent any time reading the likes of Vibe, Billboard, XXL or watching the boundary-pushing Rap Radar over the years,  you’re no stranger to the works of Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson....

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The Meeting: Civil Rights meets Educational Entertainment

In a world full of crazy news, its great to step off the hamster wheel and enjoy some theater – especially if it blends entertainment with education. This is the mission of L.A. based theater company, Ruffin...

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Guest Post: Trayvon Martin – How far has America come?

As we digest the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, comments are...

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Black Boys: The Marked Men of Tomorrow

10 months ago, I received the most precious gift: My brown eyed, Bambi-lashed...

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